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Track D: AR & VR

Augmented & Virtual reality is an innovative technology that gives a new perspective to the reality we see around us and can help enhance the user experience. Therefore, with this track we’re looking at how participants develop solutions that help businesses take into account the benefits of using augmented and virtual reality technology to enhance their brands and the experience that their products/services can offer to their clients. And also help them get a better understanding of AR and VR with benefits of using it in real life and in business.

Pre-requisites for track: Pre-requisites for AR & VR (Using Unity) Pre-requisites for AR & VR (Using Android Studio)

References: References

Problem Statements: Problem Statements for Track D

Prototype Submission and Evaluation: Submission Guidelines Evaluation Parameters

YouTube Tutorial Session:

Useful links and documents: Tutorials and datasets

Submission guidelines (due by 23rd): Submission Link