we4tech- Online Tech Hackathon for WeSchool Students

we4tech- the first of its kind Tech Hackathon for MBA students was organized by REDX and Innowe Labs. We hosted around 470 participants and 104 teams across 4 Tracks- 3D Modeling and Printing, Analytics using Python, Data visualization and AR & VR. Winning and Runner-up teams from each track were awarded with exciting prizes at the end of the event.

Track-wise tutorial sessions

Innovation Workshop for Optometry Students

The REDX WeSchool Lab team conducted an innovation workshop in collaboration with Lotus College Of Optometry on 6th & 7th March, 2019. This workshop conducted for optometry students also included students from University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and University of Johannesburg. It helped them get familiar with process of innovation and also sensitized them to various eye diseases.

Online Webinar for Optometry Students

This webinar was conducted as an Introduction to Innovation for the students participating innovation workshop from Lotus Optometry College, Mumbai and KwaZulu-Natal College, South Africa.

REDX WeSchool MLCC Study Jams

This session was conducted to promote Machine Learning and providing basic hands-on experience to young minds. Introduce participants with the emerging technologies and how AI is impacting the industry and society.


Applications of AI in today's time with - 16th September 2020

REDX WeSchool presents REDX Cafe, a webinar series where we discuss the latest trends, developments and basics of Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Machine learning, Design thinking and more with leading industry experts. Attendees can send in their questions that they have for our speakers through our social media handles and we will get it answered for them!

This initiative not only builds a sense of community but also helps students & young professionals from the tech background to identify how they can make difference in the world with their skills at ground level.

On 16th September 2020, we had with us Mr. Devesh Rajadhyax, CEO & Founder at Cere Labs to discuss the applications of AI in today’s time. We delved upon an array of discussion points some of which were –

  • Do we have to be an expert to use AI for social good? Basic skill set required for the same.
  • What are your thoughts on AI’s role in urban development and public welfare?
  • What type of AI solutions are small businesses using? And how to choose which AI solution suits me as a business?
  • These were the short-listed questions we asked Mr. Devesh among the many others that we received via our social media handles.

    Design Thinking Workshop Series Part 1 - 23rd December 2020

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    Design Thinking Workshop Series Part 3 - 16th March 2021