Atmospheric Water Harvesting

Project information

An elaborative study of Timelines in the history of Atmospheric Water Harvesting, Water Purification and Air Purification done by the REDX Lab.

Problem statement

With an extreme need for water in majority parts of the world due to the increasing population, it has become imperative to find alternative sustainable methods to draw out and conserve water. Our major sources of renewable freshwater have been extremely contaminated due to human activities and have thereby become dangerous to consume due to the countless pollutants present in it.
Similarly, Air pollution over the past century has also drastically increased due to the increasing industrial activities post the first industrial revolution back in the 18th century and the recent rise in globalization.

Design Sprint

We also conducted a 5 days design sprint for this project where we tackled a lot of important questions regarding this project and also built an initial prototype for our proposed solution.

This Sprint enabled us to define our long-term goals for the project along with a customer journey map, process journey map, market research, product testing, incorporating views of experts from various domains, and building lightning demos.

It was a very productive five days for the team members involved and helped us to get a clear idea on the scope of the project.

Click here to read our Literature review paper giving possible solutions for the aforementioned problem statement.


Sushant Shetty

Innovation Engineer

REDX WeSchool, Mumbai

Saloni Bedi

Product Designer

REDX WeSchool (Alumni), Mumbai

Fatema Hirani

Communication Designer

REDX WeSchool, Mumbai

Dr. Subodh Deolekar

Lead Research Engineer

REDX WeSchool, Mumbai